DenCo Enterprises is a product and professional services company that focuses on empowering You.

The Start

Our small business started from the founder, Dennis, simply wanting to share the cool batteries he built in his garage. Popularity grew, and friends even nicknamed the creations as “DenCo batteries”, and the name stuck.

After many questions on how to obtain these little creations, DenCo Enterprises, LLC was formed in California at the start of 2023.

Our Philosophy

Are we helping people?
Are they happy?
Are we happy?
Are we profitable?

Foremost we want to help people. We want them to be happy with our products and strive for personalized customer service. We want to be happy making these products. Lastly, we want to be profitable so that the business can keep going.

This drives our tagline: Power is our Mission.


While mostly a product-centric company that specializes in electronic components and power solutions, DenCo also has R&D into communications products, a variety of services to the local community including emergency preparation consultation, systems and online services design, photography and videography media, and other communications areas. Please reach out to us via the Contact Page to see if our services match your needs.

The best product I wish I could have.